Citroen Relay van (CR1)

This vehicle is our welfare and support unit. The van has been professionally converted and has been designed to support team members at operational incidents including searches for missing people and major flooding events around the UK. The vehicle has been equipped with a camper style setup with hot and cold running water, leisure battery, cooking facilities and independent heating. It has also been fitted out with decontamination facilities including high pressure hose. It has a large screen TV monitor installed with Freeview and internet facilities with laptop computer and printer. This vehicle only carries a few basic items of water rescue equipment.

 VW Transporter van (CR2)

This vehicle is used for logistical support, transport and towing. When the team are deployed for a national flooding event we have to take a team of seven people and we have to be available for  three  consecutive 24 hour periods. This vehicle is used to transport people and personal kit and equipment. The vehicle only carries a small amount of water rescue equipment including scene lighting, rescue throw lines, wading poles and emergency personal protective equipment. It also carries a trauma first aid bag and defibrillator.

 Nissan Navara's (NV1 & NV2)

These vehicles are both 4x4 trucks and both of them are equipped virtually identical to each other. These vehicles are packed with technical water rescue and search equipment. Equipment includes water rescue sleds, casualty PPE, ropes, rescue throw lines, first aid equipment, stretchers, house evacuation sled, night vision, thermal imaging camera, aquascopes, underwater search cameras & monitors, scene lighting, personal lighting, wading poles, VHF radios & spare PPE.

Rescue Boats

We have a total of seven recue boats of different sizes and capabilities. We have a coastal rigid inflatable boat which is used for coastal deployments but also for missing persons as this boat is fully equipped with side scan & down scan SONAR and underwater cameras. We also have a Pioner rigid boat which is used for widespread flooding as this has a jet drive outboard engine and can work in very shallow water. We have two inflatable rescue boats which are extensively used in  most of our operations. We also have a mass evacuation platform which can hold 30 people and is extremely useful in flooding situations.

WRS Rescue Sleds

Rescue sleds are used extensively in major widespread flooding situations. These are really versatile inflatable crafts that can be used in very shallow water and can access areas that conventional rescue boats cannot. They are very lightweight and can easily be carried by two people. We carry a rescue sled on each of the Nissan Navara's. In addition to these we also carry a house evacuation sled, which is slightly smaller and can fit into a standard domestic front door.


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